Tiny Home Connection

Welcome to Tiny Home Connection,

Colorado’s premier tiny home builder

offering the tiny home community a place to find solutions to all things tiny.
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What We Do




We offer full design services to create a tiny home designed to your desired specifications.

Full Build


Whether it’s a tiny house on wheels, on a foundation or some other tiny living structure, we’ll build it from the ground up.

DIY Build


If you want to build your own tiny home and need a place to build it, we offer on-site DIY build sites.



Whether it’s creating your design or providing our construction expertise, we’re here with solutions for your needs.


Full Custom Build

Get a fully custom tiny home built to fit your needs. Let our expert builders create your dream tiny home.


Tiny Home Shells

With the exterior of your home already made, you’re free to customize the interior of your tiny home.


DIY Build Site

Want to get your hands dirty building your tiny home but don’t have space? We’ve got you covered.


Workshops & Events

Discover tips and tricks from professional tiny home builders. Get the help you need to build your own tiny home.


News & Updates

Keep up on the latest news on trends, styles and innovations in tiny home construction.


Community Development

Creating communities of like-minded individuals who enjoy the minimalist tiny home lifestyle.