Full Custom Builds

We will build you a tiny home that is custom fit for your lifestyle. Whether it’s a tiny house on wheels. on a foundation, a container, a bus or some other tiny living structure, we will build it from the ground up to your desired specifications. The cost of your custom tiny home depends on your individual needs. Please contact us for your no cost consultation.

Complete It Yourself (CIY) Builds

If you want to finish the interior yourself, we can build the shell for you. The shell typically includes the foundation (trailer or permanent), walls, roof, plumping, mechanical and electrical and the interior as a blank slate for you to create tour tiny home interior masterpiece.

DIY Build Sites

If you want to build your own tiny home and need a place to build it, we offer on-site DIY build sites. For a monthly fee, you have your own site to build the tiny home of your dreams. And you are not alone, we will be there every step of the way to answer your tiny home questions. You will also be able to collaborate with other tiny DIY builders on site as well as access to all on-site workshops, seminars and events. The monthly fee also includes power, security and a locked tool storage.


Whether it’s creating your personalized tiny home design or visiting your tiny home to provide our construction experience and knowledge, we are here to provide solutions to all your tiny home needs.

Tiny Home Products

Under Development. We will soon begin offering tiny home products specifically designed for tiny living.

Tiny Home Plans

We are currently in the process of developing our first few standard models designed from input we’ve received from you. Until those models are available this coming Fall 2017, we offer full design services to create a tiny home designed to your desired specifications. The cost of design services is included when you choose us to build your custom tiny home.